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How you know it's time to find a new job?

There’s no denying that most employees are unhappy at their workplace. For some, it’s just a way to pay the bills, and for others they just genuinely dislike the work they are doing. The thing is, how do you know when it’s the right time for leaving your job? What reasons should you focus on, and when should you actually quit your job? Let’s find out.

There’s no more enthusiasm for the work you do

An employee is at their best when they're doing something they loves. Sure, not all days are perfect, but the truth is that whenever each day is a drag and you dislike the work you do all the time, job searching is probably a good option. It’s clear that this job doesn’t do it for you.

You don’t get along with anyone there

Communication and socialization are key at the workplace. If you feel dread and you don’t get along with any person at your workplace, then this might not be the right place for you. If this continues and you can’t connect with anyone, then finding a new job is likely a good idea.

Even if you deliver great results, you never receive any recognition

Not receiving any recognition from a boss or team members is a common reason why people leave their jobs. We all want to feel like our work is valued, and sometimes it makes sense to see if someone else appreciates your efforts more. When you start job searching and interviewing, be sure to ask about recognition practices so you can make sure you land somewhere better than before!

You reached a plateau

The last thing you want is to feel stale at your workplace. Before you are quitting your job, you want to see if there are ways to evolve or do something that challenges you. However, if you think that you have more to offer and your skills are not used, you can start focusing on a new job. You can even find some new career ideas.

You’re dealing with a huge amount of stress

As you know, stress can be very bad for your health, and it can lead to massive issues both inside and outside the workplace. Not only that, but it can bring mental health problems as well. If you’re stressed out at work, then you may want to quit your job and find something less stressful for this season of your life. The same thing can be said if you have nightmares about your job all the time. Been there!


If you’re dealing with any of these issues listed above, it might be time to try and leave your job. Pursuing a new job or trying to find a new career can make a huge difference in your life and wellbeing. If you are preparing to leave your job and enter the job market, you need The Perfect Candidate Course. This program will walk you step by step through the job search process, teach you how to network like a pro, and give you all the interview preparation techniques you need to stand out!

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