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Common interview questions and how to prepare for them

Every interview can be very different, since each role has its unique set of challenges. But there are always some common interview questions and answers that you need to focus on. These come up during an interview because they make it easy for an interviewer to know the potential employee a lot better. Here are some of the common questions you need to prepare for an interview.

What are your strengths? What about weaknesses?

When it comes to strengths, you want to include a mixture of tangible skills and intangible skills. For example, you can talk about your marketing experience, but also your linguistic or technical abilities. You also need to be truthful and say what you perceive as weaknesses. Telling the interviewer how you approached them and whether you are addressing any of them is also extremely important.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is one of the most common job interview questions for many reasons. It shows the interviewer your aspirations and what you are doing in order to achieve those goals. It also shows whether you are realistic when it comes to your aspirations or not. Be truthful, but make sure your answers show natural progression from the role you're applying for.

Are there any skills or experience you can offer to our business?

Here you want to show specific skills that matter for that particular business or that position. These can be anything from delivering everything on time, problem solving, management skills, technical knowledge and so on. You want to study the business beforehand and understand the type of skills they need.

Why do you want this job?

You want to stay truthful and say the reason why you really want this company. Describe your ambitions, goals and how they all naturally fit the company ethos and vision. You want to show that working for them is a great opportunity. Plus, you are also bringing in skills they really need.

Tell me about your work and experience

It’s important to know your CV and work experience inside and out. You want to highlight the major achievements you had and how they are making a difference. You want to start with the highest qualification, and then share more info about the skills that recommend you as a great fit. You don’t want to go into a lot of detail, since your resume or CV is there to do that.

These common job interview questions are very helpful because they can make it easier to prepare beforehand. Being ready for a job interview might be challenging, but preparing properly can bring in some extraordinary results. I recommend you to enroll in The Perfect Candidate Course if you want to know exactly how to job search with intention, network in a non-awkward way, and full prepare for the job interview so you can stand out among other candidates!



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